Fictional Premises Pty Ltd

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

[*Full Name*]
Unit [#UnitNo#]/51 Neilson Street
Southport QLD 4215

Re: Lease Renewal

Dear [#FirstName#],

Your current lease on unit [#UnitNo#]/51 Neilson Street, Southport is due to expire on [#Expiry Date#].

You have the option to renew your lease for another [#6|12|6 or 12#] months or you may vacate the property at the end of your agreement by informing management of your intentions to leave. If you do decide to vacate you are required to give management 14 days notice in writing on a form 13 notice of intention to leave[*, which I have attached for your convenience*].

If you wish to renew your agreement for a further [#6|12|6 or 12#] months, the rent will increase to [#NewRent#] per [*week|fortnight|month*] as from the [#Expiry Date#]. We will forward a new lease for you to sign.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter please contact [#Rosemary|Arthur#] on [*0411 123 456|0412 123 457*].

Kind Regards,

[#Rosemary|Arthur#] Smith
Fictional Premises Pty Ltd.

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Sample Document

The sample provided is a fictitious lease renewal document template provided by property managers to inform the tenant that their lease is about to expire and what their options are.

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