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CyberThread eMail Manager is a simple email saving program specifically designed for small or medium sized legal practices or law firms who receive large volumes of email correspondence. Easily save an email to the correct matter number folder with a default filename (built up from content within the email).

By saving email correspondence into the Matter’s folder, all correspondence is kept together. This allows for all correspondence relating to a particular matter to be retrieved from archives or backups years later without dealing with the need to track down emails that might have been deleted.


  • Saves the email as a single Microsoft Outlook message file.
  • All attachments are included in the file saved.
  • Default filename includes information extracted from the email such as the date and time sent or received, subject line, matter number etc.
  • An unlimited number of ‘Predefined Folders’ can be setup. This provides the ability to save matters to different locations depending on the department or usage.
  • Choose to delete the email after it has been saved.
  • ‘Default Postfix Folder’ – this folder name is appended after the matter number. This allows for emails to be saved in a sub folder under the matter. See the example below. This folder can be changed by the system administrator. If it is left blank the email is saved directly under the matter.
  • Browse to any folder location if ‘Predefined Folders’ aren’t suitable.
  • Remembers the last five file locations for each user.
  • Some default settings can be changed.
  • Invalid characters are automatically removed from the default filename.


An email could, for example, be saved to the following location with very little input from the user: ‘K:\Departmental Folders\Migration\<matter number>\Email Correspondence\091222 Fictitious Sender – Skilled Migrant Visa for James Smith - 12h35.msg’ where:

  • ‘Skilled Migrant Visa for James Smith’ is the email subject.
  • ‘12h35’ is the time the email was either sent or received.
  • ‘091222’ is the date the email was either sent or received in the format yymmdd. Our clients prefer this format to distinguish it from matter numbers, this can be changed if your requirements are different.
  • ‘K:\Departmental Folders\Migration’ is a predefined folder.
  • ‘Email Correspondence’ is the ‘Default Postfix Folder’.


  • Integrates into Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007.
  • Based on the Microsoft .Net Framework.